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Better taxation

VAT 16%
IRC 14.7%

Geostrategic location

2h from Lisbon
5h from Boston

Incentives to employability

Quality of life

A destination certified by nature
Construir 2030

Boosting Sustainable and Integrated Investment

Investor's Manual

 Find the best solutions of financing, employment and energy at Azores.

Friendly business

The Azores offer unique conditions for the support of investments and businesses.


Dairy products and meat, fruits and vegetables, are just some of the examples of one of the biggest and most appealing business sectors of the Region.


Stunning landscapes and unique environments are the building blocks of the biggest-growing sector in the Azores.

Information and communication technologies (ICT)

The existence of science and technology parks and unrivaled conditions for setting up tech companies make the Azores a perfect destination for ICT investments.

Sea economy

The Azores are responsible for 15% of the European sea, and have a long tradition in using marine resources, but still offer a lot of possibilities in the Blue Economy.

Infrastructures and

The good structural conditions are additional competitive advantages that the archipelago offers.

Incentives to

The Azores have several measures to support hiring and job creation.


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