Five reasons


Unique location in the North Atlantic, in between the European, American and African continents.

Flight duration: 2 hours to Lisbon, 3-5 to other European capitals, 5-6 to the U.S.A. (East coast) and Canada.

Peaceful region with social, economic and political stability. One of the safest regions in Europe.

The most competitive financial incentives system for investment in the European Union.

Favourable tax system. The Region benefits from the 8th lowest CIT and the 2nd lowest VAT rates in the E.U.


Investment Opportunities

Agro-Food<br />sector

The agro-food sector occupies an important place in the economy of the archipelago, presenting a broad range of products with potential for export and organic market.

Tourism<br />Sector<br />

Double-digit growth rates in the number of passengers arriving to the Azores airports, both in the number of guests and overnight stays (2015, 2016 and 2017).

Sea<br />Economy

The Azorean Exclusive Economic Zone (E.E.Z.), with about ​​1 milion km², represents approximately 55% of the Portuguese E.E.Z and 6% of the European E.E.Z.

km² land surface
Sea ports, airports and fiber-optic network in all islands.

The Azores are internationally recognized for the incredible landscape and the cultural and historical richness.

The Azores have a maritime climate with moderate temperatures ranging between 16° C (60° F) in winter and 26° C (79° F) in summer.

Portugal is the 3rd most peaceful country in the world (Global Peace Index 2017 - Institute for Economics and Peace).

Portugal is the fifth best country in the world to live and work (Expat Insider 2017 - InterNations).

Portugal ranks 25th of the 189 best countries for Doing Business in 2017 (World Bank).

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